5th Grade Syllabus

5th/6th Combined Math Syllabus


Class Time:


            Each daily lesson is formatted in a similar way in order to make the most of our time together. We start with a 5-minute warm up, correct last night’s homework, work through the new lesson, and start tonight’s homework.  


Our Path:


            In this grade level advanced group, we will spend the first part of the year working through the necessary 5thgrade standards needed to begin the 6thgrade material.  The students will be working through carefully chosen content and resources. We will have five 5thgrade units:

  1.   Add and Subtract Decimals
  2.   Multiply and Divide Decimals
  3.   Add and Subtract Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  4.   Multiply and Divide Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  5.   Measurement (U.S. Customary and Metric Systems)

At the conclusion of each of these units, they will be a test.  Students will receive study guides for these tests.

            After we complete the 5th grade content, the students will receive the 6thgrade texts.  We typically finish 5th grade content by Christmas break.  We will use these texts for the remainder of the year.  The content will prepare the students to be successful in Pre-Algebra in 6thgrade.




o   The students will come to class prepared with pencil, red pen, and notebook.

o   The students will complete all math work (except corrections) in pencil.

o   The students will keep a neat and clear math notebook with the date, lesson title, daily vocabulary, and steps to solve the example problems.

o   The students will have neat work and always show the steps to solving each problem.

o   The students will turn in the homework before they leave class. 

o   Students who are sick or miss class for an appointment will correct their assignment when they return.  The student will write “absent” at the top before turning the assignment in to ensure that they get full credit.

o   The students will put their best effort into everything that they do!




All of our 5th– 8thgrade students have access to an online learning system called ALEKS.  ALEKS.com is an online learning program that is built from the Common Core standards and uses the same standards and topics as our current curriculum.  It uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine what a student knows and does not know.  Each student will take an initial knowledge check at the beginning of the year, and an individualized curriculum will be created for that student.  The student will work through his/her program and will periodically be re-assessed over the course of the year.  


How will we use ALEKS.com? 


  • Students will have a class period every few weeks to work on their individualized ALEKS plan on their ChromeBooks.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to work on ALEKS at home, too!




Tests – 70% 


Homework/Participation – 30% 



I am looking forward to a great year of matH!