Holy Rosary School Math Program

Holy Rosary School Math Program


Holy Rosary School teaches to the Common Core Standards in its math program (http://www.corestandards.org/Math/).  In Grades K-4, students are building a strong mathematical foundation for grades 5-8 and beyond. Emphasis is mastery of key concepts.  


In K-2, math instruction is part of each homeroom teacher’s core curriculum.  In grades 3 and 4, the homeroom teachers teach math, and core instruction occurs at the same time in each grade level homeroom class.  This model allows teachers to work collaboratively to group students based on need, and groupings are fluid and change from unit to unit.  Fourth grade math is also taught at the same time as 5th grade math, to allow for further differentiated opportunities as student performance data demonstrates.  


Beginning in 5th grade, and continuing through 8th grade, three math classes are taught concurrently during the math period for each grade level.  All math classes are either at or above grade level, and students are placed based on performance data.  The placement in 5th grade does not determine the placement path for the entire 5th-8th grade program.  Student data (MAP test data, student academic grade in math, math placement test, along with work habits) is reviewed annually and used for the annual math placement.


In Grades K-5, the primary grade level text is McGraw-Hill: MyMath, which is supplemented to provide differentiated learning opportunities.


One supplement utilized is adaptive learning platforms (Happy Numbers for K-4 & ALEKS for 5-8) that are built from the Common Core standards.  It uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine what a student knows and does not know.  Each student will take an initial knowledge check at the beginning of the year, and an individualized curriculum will be created for that student.  The student will work through his/her program and will periodically be re-assessed over the course of the year.  This allows students to be re-taught areas of weakness or move ahead in areas of strength.