6th Grade Syllabus

6th Grade Pre-Algebra Syllabus


Math Goal: To create a structured environment with clear expectations in order to maximize learning and enable students to have fun and to love math!


Homework Expectations


  • After each lesson, you will have a homework assignment.  
  • Assignments could include one of the following: book homework, a worksheet, Khan Academy practices, or premade Aleks assignments.
  • I will carefully choose or create each assignment, and it is VERY IMPORTANT that each assignment is completed on time.
  • Assignments turned in late will be correct for half credit.
  • For online assignments, your work will be automatically checked.




  •  The students will come to class prepared with pencil, red pen, and notebook.
  • The students will complete all math work (except corrections) in pencil.
  • The students will keep a neat and clear math notebook with the date, lesson title, daily vocabulary, and steps to solve the example problems.
  • The students will have neat work and always show the steps to solving each problem.
  • The students will turn in the homework before they leave class. 
  • Students who are sick or miss class for an appointment will correct their assignment when they return.  The student will write “absent” at the top before turning the assignment in to ensure that they get full credit.
  • The students will put their best effort into everything that they do!


Aleks Checks


  • Aleks checks will be every 3 weeks (not including breaks).
  • During the 3 week period, students will need to have completed both of these requirements:
    • 2 hours
    • At least 10 topics – This is a requirement because we need to see adequate progress of topics and not just time.  
  • Aleks Day – Typically on Fridays, students will have designated time to work on ALEKS and should complete a minimum of 40 minutes.


Materials Required


  • Notebook
  • Pencil
  • Red pen
  • Math book (or math packet for 5th)
  • Calculator (for certain units)


Materials Encouraged


  • Graph paper
  • White board for doing scratch work


Grading System


  • Homework/Participation (30%)


  • Tests (70%)


I am looking forward to a great year of matH!