5th and 6th Grade Class Overview

Class Time:

Our class time is very important, so we use our time very efficiently. Each daily lesson is formatted in a similar way in order to make the most of our time together.

• Get Ready: The students will come into the classroom and immediately start the warm-up, which can include a facts practice, an essential question of the day, or a common core quick check. (5 min)
• Investigate and Model: I will present the new concept and the students will write down the math vocabulary and example problems in their notebooks or math books. There will be both teacher modeling and guided practice through the problems. (15 min)
• Practice and Apply: The students will work through problems independently. (15 min)
• Wrap it Up: We will review the lesson, and the students will have the choice of making corrections to the previous night’s assignment or starting tonight’s homework. (10 min)

Tests are scheduled after every unit. If there is a change, the students will be given notice beforehand.


o The students will come to class prepared with pencil, red pen, notebook, and correct math book.
o The students will complete all math work (except corrections) in pencil.
o The students will keep a neat and clear math notebook with the date, lesson title, daily vocabulary, and steps to solve the example problems.
o The students will have neat work and always show the steps to solving each problem.
o The students will turn in the homework before they leave class. If they do corrections, it needs to be on a separate sheet marked “corrections.”
o Students who are sick or miss class for an appointment will correct their assignment when they return. The student will write “absent” at the top before turning the assignment in to ensure that they get full credit.
o The students will put their best effort into everything that they do!

Math Study Hall:

o We have a weekly recess study hall every Monday during lunch recess specifically for extra math time. Any 5th or 6th grade student is welcomed to come to work on math homework or online math homework.
o The math study hall will be in the math room, and I will be available for questions.
o If a student comes to the study hall and is disruptive, he/she will be asked to leave and will miss privileges for the next week.

My Math Homework Website:

➢ I have a math website that I update daily: math.holyrosaryws.org/. Bookmark this site and check it often! It contains all of the nightly homework and any updates about our class.


In addition to our curriculum, we have access to some great technology resources to help further your understanding. This is a website that is available for all HRS students.

What is offered on this website?

o Assignments and messages from the teacher
o An eBook
o Personal tutor videos to teach the daily lessons
o Vocabulary builders
o Interactive games
o Self-check quizzes


Tests – 70%
• Accuracy, work shown, units used

Homework – 25%
• Accuracy, neatness, work shown, units used

Participation – 5%
• Active participation, behavior, note-taking, use of class time

I am looking forward to showing the kids that math is fun!